ARH traffic technology

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ARH traffic technology

Recognition of number plates (ANPR/LPR)

It is believed that there are currently more than half a billion cars on the roads worldwide. All those vehicles have their vehicle identification number as their primary identifier. The vehicle identification number is actually a license number which states a legal license to participate in the public traffic.

When talking about License Plate Recognition System people usually understand a computer system that utilises automatic license plate recognition for data input automation.

Strictly speaking License Plate Recognition System is an integrated hardware + software device that reads the vehicles license plate and outputs the license plate number in ASCII - to some data processing system. Again, License Plate Recognition means Automated Data Input where Data equals the registration number of the vehicle.

Recognition of container codes

Automatic Container Code Recognition is a technology which is able to recognize these unique codes from an image or video signal, and give it back in a computer editable format for further processing.

The ACCR is an Optical Character Recognition (OCR) based technology, which means intelligent image processing. It has two essential technological issues:
- the quality of the CCR software with it's applied recognition algorithm
- the quality of the image acquisition technology, the camera and the illumination

The very key factor is the ACCR software. The sophistication of the recognition software, the intelligence and quality of the applied recognition algorithms, the mathematical knowledge and the years of experience behind determines the capabilities of the recognition software.

Recognition of hazardous goods

Hazardous goods requiring supervision. Transport units and vehicles carrying dangerous goods in quantities above the values indicated should be supervised. Tank cars and tank containers running by road under international ADR regulations. These transport units have an ADR Hazard Identification Number HIN (The Kemler Code).

The ADR Hazard Identification Number HIN, also known as the Kemler Code, is carried on placards on tank cars and tank containers running by road under international ADR regulations.

Recognition of UIC wagon/coach numbers

Coach numbers (wagon numbers) are key data for railway operations. This number enables a railway wagon to be positively identified and forms a common language between railway operators, infrastructure companies and the responsible state authorities.

The UIC has agreed the following numbering systems, details of which are given in their leaflets: Leaflet 419-2, 428-1, 438-2, 920-1, 920-2, 920-10 and 920-14. These agreements have not yet achieved the status of a standard or norm.

The system of wagon numbering described below has been laid down by the International Union of Railways (Union internationale des chemins de fer or UIC) and is used in a similar way to that used for the locomotives and multiple units.