ParkIT access control camera

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ParkIT access control camera

ParkIT access dontrol camera

The ParkIT camera was designed for access control systems. Ideal cost effective camera from smaller systems to large projects designed for license plate recognition applications.

Designed for license plate recognition application, the camera includes synchronized illuminator unit providing ideal images during day and night.

During the development, besides the high level of technical features (pan-tilt, hidden cabling), the focus was on the sophisticated, eye-catching design.

ParkIT is an easy installable, small and attractive camera. Extra software module is provided for easiest integration with CARMEN OCR engines and software modules.

ParkIT is an excellent choice for LPR/ANPR based access control, parking management systems.

Key features of ParkIT

  • Easy installation and configuration
  • Built-in synchronized IR illumination
  • Auto day & night switching
  • Barrier control functions (trigger in - out)
  • Wall mount bracket with hidden cabling
  • Lot of supported programming languages
  • Adaptive systems modify the image to ensure a clear view of the vehicle is captured regardless of the conditions

Application areas of ParkIT

  • Access control (Entry & Exit) to restricted car park or vehicle storage area
  • Maximum stay car park management
  • POE (Pay-On-Exit) car park management
  • POF (Pay-On-Foot) car park management
  • Security control / monitoring

Benefits of ParkIT combined with ANPR

  • Full audit trail of all vehicles
  • Reduced administration
  • Low maintenance cost
  • Better traffic flow
  • Central registration of permit holders / disabled users / car park users no need for access cards / codes