FXCAM d102 digital ANPR camera

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FXCAM d102 digital ANPR camera

FXCAMd 102 digital ANPR camera

In every ANPR / LPR system it is a critical issue to provide consistent images of appropriate quality level. FXCAMd series is all-in-one digital camera family dedicated for number plate recognition applications.

This all-in-one digital IP camera includes
- a camera
- an illuminator
- a synchronized unit
in a single housing.

The FXCAMd 102 is a B&W camera with synchronized IR illuminator, ideal for both moving traffic (motorways, enforcement, congestion, etc.) and access control (parking management) applications. Due to the IR illuminator works at an undetectable bandwidth for human eyes, there is no disturbance for drivers.

The effective range is up to 20 meters (65 ft) but it may vary depending on the specific environment.

The camera software provides full remote control over the camera and the illuminator unit. (Zoom, focus, iris, shutter, illumination intensity etc.). Automatic mode is also available with configurable settings (auto brightness control, auto day and night switch, auto focus, etc.)

FXCAMd 102 cameras are available with different input/output port configuration (trigger in, trigger out, serial RS232) to fit your requirements.

OEM solutions, customized cameras are also available on request.

The FXCAMd 102 ANPR package

  • FXCAMd Camera with wall mount bracket and shield
  • IP 67 connectors
  • Utility for easy camera configuration
  • Functions libraries
  • Tutorial and sample programs both in executable and source code

Key features of FXCAMd102 ANPR camera

  • Ideal both for moving traffic (motorways, enforcement, congestion, etc.) and access control (parking management) applications
  • Adaptive and automated image capturing system provides ideal images quality during day and night
  • Weatherproof housing for continuous outdoor usage
  • High illuminating power and low consumption
  • Full remote control
  • Direct hardware triggering available
  • Designed by ANPR software provider, which ensures the right image quality